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    Spry Tabbed Panels does not work as I want

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      Sorry, but this is an utter NOOB question.


      I tried to use a Gooey ment on my page, but it does not work as intended.


      Here it works OK: http://ppbm5.com/DB-PPBM5-2.php


      Here it does not work: http://ppbm6.com/Planning.html


      I assume it is related to the menu already on this page. Anyway, since this did not work, I tried to replace the Gooey menu with Spry Tabbed panels, but being an utter noob in this area, I have made some mistakes that the experts here can probably help solve easily. What happens:


      It looks OK in DW:




      Go to Live View and it still looks OK:




      but then go to the actual page and it looks like this:




      Why do the tabbed panels not display at the top of the page next to the vertical menu, like it does in DW?


      Second question: How can I add text to each page/ tabbed panel, like here http://ppbm6.com/Planning.html