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    Quiz Result Messages

      I'm working with Captivate 3 on the quiz options, and the Quiz Result Messages are not displaying? Does any one have any suggestions on why this is happening?
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi Jillbr

          In your project, check your settings at :
          Quizz / Quizz Preferences
          and select the Settings nodes.
          Confirm that the "Show score at end of quizz" box is selected and next to this is a "Quizz Result Messages" button which will allow you to edit what gets displayed to the user.

          Cheers and post back if this does not work please.

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            Jillbr Level 1

            Thanks for the feeback.
            The settings are correct. I tested it more after posting my message and what I found is that the default message will display. When I personalized the text, which is much longer, it no longer displays. Could there be a cap on the number of characters entered into Quiz Result Message box?
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              jojolina Level 1
              Hi again Jillbr

              Just check on your Quizz Results slide if you can see the text box containing the message you want. Resize this box bigger (vertical & horizontal) and you should be able to view it no problemo, but post back if problem persists.

              Keep having Fun