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    Page Properties, Load Times, and pageinfo.json

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      I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue where right clicking on a page and waiting for the page properties to load takes on average ~30 seconds from click. The users of our CQ instance have a big issue with this as they have to manipulate data on each page before an SDL translation.


      I did some profiling and found that the browser's asynchronous call to /libs/wcm/core/content/pageinfo.json for the set of pages was taking 27-32 seconds to load. The stream response is about 130kb each page, and contains a lot of extraneous data.


      For example, it contains workflow packages and every page involved in that workflow under a json key workflowPackageInfo. It also contains the different language versions for the page under the languages key. None of this data seems to be relevant to edit the page title, description, tags, and various other pieces of data.


      Is there any way to reduce the amount of data that CQ5 tries to find / load when the user right clicks on the page? More importantly is this information for CQ5 OOTB could it be something on our configuration?