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    ACR 6.7 and PS Elements 10 - not showing up in plugins after installation


      Hey guys,

      I updated to ACR 6.7 via the Help/Updates feature in Elements 10.


      After it successfully downloaded and installed, I opened up Elements and found that there's no Camera RAW to be found. 


      It's not located in the "About Plug-in" section, and as you'd expect, I am unable to open any RAW files.


      I installed an older version manually, by placing the old files in the correct folders.  The older version showed up in the "About Plug-in" menu, and it was able to open RAW files, and was working fine.


      From there, I tried to update again, and of course, no updates were found, because the initial installation was successful and completed, but it's just not showing up in the Program at all.


      Where do the files/folders actually go after the auto updates and installations?  It's obviously installed somewhere, and it was successfully completed, but it's just not showing up in the program.


      Any thoughts?