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    Flash CS5.5 and Android: Could not find an Android device to connect to...


      I am trying to deploy/debug an application from CS5.5 to an ASUS Transformer TF300 Tablet.  Every time I publish in Flash Pro I get the following error:


      "Could not find an Android device to connect to. Please ensure that you have a device connected, and the device has USB debugging enabled."


      I have tried everything I can find regarding this problem to no avail.  Some details:


      • Running Android 4.0.3
      • Running Flash Pro CS5.5 on MacOS 10.7.3
      • Tried turning USB debugging then back on, multiple times
      • Tried turning on/off all other debugging options
      • Tried several Flash projects
      • Downloaded latest AIR runtime to tablet
      • Restarted everything several times


      Still no dice.  Anyone have experience with this?