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    Multiple Choice Quiz Score


      Hi all,


      This is my first post here so, apologies if I break any unwritten rules, or say anything ridiculous, please bare with me.


      So, I have created a multiple choice quiz using Flash CS5 as part of my multimedia project and wanted to know how (or if) I can incorporate a score system to the existing quiz.


      I created the quiz using the timeline and layers. So for every question there are three layers;


      Layer 1 - Question w/ four possible answers (only one is correct)

      Layer 2 - Correct answer

      Layer 3 - Incorrect answer


      I am using buttons to navigate through the timeline.


      What I would like to achieve is, at the end of the quiz, a score to be generated based on the questions they got right.


      I hope I have included everything necessary.


      Thanks for reading and the possible help.