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    Licensing/Downloading issues with CS5.5?


      Anyone else purchase CS5.5 recently to get the free upgrade to CS6 and run into a bunch of issues?  I purchased Production Premium yesterday (5/3/12), and aside from an initial confirmation email, I've gotten zip since.  None of the programs were showing up on the licensing site (which is now down for "scheduled" maintenance) meaning no chance to download what I bought or get serial numbers, no email with my order number, no history of my order or transaction in my account info, online chat support stating that it's a 72-hour wait to get your downloads/serial numbers instead of the "up to 24 hour" time frame specified by the email, getting transfered from one department to another only to have the call dropped, a 2-hour hold for the licensing support line and no reps available for chat...


      And of course the weekend is upon us so I'll likely have to wait until next week to (hopefully) access the software I purchased.  Kind of ridiculous.  Buy an online product somewhere else and you get download access as soon as you make the payment.  Spend $2000 on Adobe products and get no the runaround about what's going on with the order, why the delay, shoddy support/web services, etc.


      Ugh.  Am I the only one?  Has annyone else made a purchase in the last couple of days without a hitch, namely a Creative Suite product in anticipation of the free upgrade to CS6 when it's released?


      Do other users find this type of experience typical for Adobe purchases/support, or is it usually a hassle-free and straightforward process?  The software itself is going to be fantastic, no doubt, but the ordering process and customer support thus far has been absolutely dreadful.