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    "Resource /.../xxx does not exist", the file is there!!!!!

    matteosistisette Level 1



      I have a project I've been working at for a while. The project folder is on a network drive. At some point I tried to open the project when the network drive was not available, so Flash Builder couldn't access it, ok.

      Now the network drive is available, and I have already rebooted the system (it's Windows) and restarted Flash Builder.


      I can open the project but there are some specifical .as files in the src folder that I cannot open. THE FILES ARE THERE (I can see them in Windows explorer, I can open and edit them in notepad), but Flash Builder cannot open them. They are listed in the left project tree view but when I double click any of them, it says "resource <filepath> does not exist".


      It's only some of the files in the project, not all of them. Others I can open.


      I already did "refresh". I also closed and reopened the project, and as mentioned I rebooted and restarted Flash Builder.


      <rant>This is ridiculous, how can Flash Builder be SO broken?</rant>


      Is there a fix for this???


      What else does Flash Builder need to open a file besides the file being there?