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    CS6 File import failure,Error "The file has no audio or video streams"


      I installed adobe cs6 in trial,but when I trying to use premiere ,It cannot import mp4 video recorded by Sony .


      The recorded video with xml file,and some infomation in xml :



      <VideoRecPort port="DIRECT"/>

      <VideoFrame videoCodec="MPEG2HD35_1920_1080_MP@HL" captureFps="50.00i" formatFps="50i"/>

      <VideoLayout pixel="1920" numOfVerticalLine="1080" aspectRatio="16:9"/>


      <AudioFormat numOfChannel="2">

      <AudioRecPort port="ANALOG" audioCodec="LPCM16" trackDst="CH1"/>

      <AudioRecPort port="ANALOG" audioCodec="LPCM16" trackDst="CH2"/>


      <Device manufacturer="Sony" modelName="PMW-EX1R" serialNo="0517609">


      <Lens modelName="XS14X5.8AS-X8D"/>


      But this mp4 file I can play with media player.My OS info:

      OS:Windows 7 X64 SP1.

      CPU:Intel i7 860



      sorry for my bad english.


      Please Help!Thanks.