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    Automatic relinking files from Avid EDL in Premiere Pro?

    José L. Martínez Díaz



      I'm trying to relink an AVID EDL into Premiere. Things seem to work, but when I select all offline clips and try to relink, premiere ask me for the location of EVERY clip. This is a RED timeline, so all R3D files are exactly in the same location AVID used, with the same folder structure.


      Is there any way to make premiere look for all the missing files from a top directory, all the way down? (ptryyy much like how davinci works) It seem impossible to relink a feature if I have to manually tell premiere the exact location of every other file...





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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          PP should find any files in the same folder.  Files in other folders will need another pointer.


          This makes relinking very cumbersome for media that stores each asset in a different folder, like some DSLRs.  Does that also apply here?  Is each clip in a different folder?


          The other caveat is that once the project is 'saved' with the media offline, the above no longer applies.  You will have to relink each clip one at a time, even if they are in the same folder.

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