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    DW CS5.5 Keyboard Layout BUG?! Help pls


      When I startup DW, and switch keyboard layout in CODE VIEW from eng to rus or from rus to eng all ok, window focus stay on CODE VIEW and I may write code perfectly, but after uses some any Snippet or simply open Snippet panel (SHIFT+F9) and then close .. I have big trouble, now when I switch keyboard layout I lose focus from CODE VIEW every time! and i must click left mouse button on code writing area to continue writing.. it very  not comfortable.


      U can try make this steps:

      1. Run DW

      2. press SHIFT + F9

      3. Try to write some CODE



      4. Now I press CTRL+SHIFT (keyboard switch) and lose MyFocus.. every time



      I think u understand my trouble, PLS tell what i can do to resolve this.

      sor for bad eng.