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    getting the audio synchronized

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      If i make a recording of a flash game (works fine!) then i encounter a problem when playing back in a browser: the audio is totally not synchronized with the video. How come? Can i do something in the flash video settings to get this better?

      I believe i have similair problems when importing a flv file, that the sound is not lipsynch.

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          retro74 Level 1
          Yikes, that sounds like it could be a lot of things?

          You can do a "Search" on this site to see if the topic has related posts.

          Can you please try the following:
          On the slide settings, turn off the fade-in and fade-out settings so that they read as NO FADE.

          If the sound is "background sound," you might want to add this as the sound of a partiicular slide so that you can control the timing of it.

          If the sound is embedded into the slide, then you should be able to move the sound start and stop in the timeline section at the top of the slide editing window. In general, ledt click and drag the entire thing or left click and drag the left end. You can also double click on the sound object and edit from there.

          Not sure this will help you, but I have seen lots of problems with slide fade-in's and some fade-out's. It appears to me that sound and fade-in are not always compatible.

          Best of luck to you on your project. Please let this board know if any of the above solves your problems so that others can benefit.

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            sorry I was away for a short while doing some other work. I think I found the problem. As soon as you are dealing with flv files, they are never very synchronised, UNLESS you stream them from a flash media server.... it is a flash video problem. So, it seems.

            Never the less, i hope i am wrong here, and someone else has a better idea of what to do.