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    Help finding product download???

    Kopy-Rite Level 1

      Adobe disappoints… again.


      Pressured into purchasing CS upgrades we don't need, other than being able to open the files for printing.  Finally gave in and decided to upgrade all four of our licenses.


      Was told $2500 qualified for volume discount.  NOT!  Purchase really needs to be $2700.  And that entitles you to a $6 discount per license. Not even 1%.  Yippie.


      Then, after ordering Friday afternoon PST… still no links provided for download yet.  Must wait for some sort of review and approval, which it now appears probably won’t happen until Monday.  Who, other than adobe, fails to let you download immediately?


      So instead of having the weekend to download many GB of upgrades, and get installed during off-hours… we instead need to consume bandwidth during business hours, and waste time installing during business hours.


      Does anyone know of any link to be able to download CS5.5 Design Premium, and CS5.5 Production Premium?  I understand we will not be able to install without KEYS... but at least we could get the estimated 20 hours of downloading out of the way.