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    hi, need a little help with sound

      hi everyone...
      i am making a song player in flash, and the feature i am having trouble with is the timer of the player... i have a little timer that shoes the progress of the song (not the progress of the loading that area is fine);
      the problem i am having is that each time i change a song, i want the progress to start from zero, but instead its just carrying on from were it was...
      here is the function i wrote for this matter (i hope its clear) :
      function activateTimer_mc(num) {
      delete timer_mc.onEnterFrame;
      currentPosition = 0;
      timer_mc.onEnterFrame = function() {
      var totalSongTime:Number = parseInt(songTime
      mySongPosition = song.position/1000;
      currentPosition = Math.round(((mySongPosition/totalSongTime)*100));
      timer_mc._x = currentPosition-50;