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    I am running Windows 8, HELP?


      Hi, I am running windows 8, and it won't let me install Adobe AIR. The following message comes up; http://snpr.cm/CRcDB5.png . Can anyone help? I use adobe software alot and this really doesn't help, I thought it was compatable with any Windows software!

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          Windows 8 , that seesm to be the problem ,


          What exactly you are trying to do , it seesm you are downloading and installing Adobe Download Assistant and as a part of it Adobe Air is getting installed and giving the error,


          So would like to know what you are looking for and what are you doing when getting this error.

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            SamMuir Level 1

            I am trying to download the Photoshop trial, and when I click "Download Now" it downloads and when I open it it gives that error.

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              Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

              Yeah thought so...



              There is no point in troublwshooting and try and install the Adobe Air as you are on Windows 8 ., dont know it will work or not.


              Go to http://prodesigntools.com/tag/ddl , download the software without ADA and any manager , and check installing it,


              still saying not sure it will work or not.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Short and to the point: You are running an operating system that is still in Beta. Problems are to be expected and they are all your own. You get no official support until Win 8 is final and released. That said, try what Manish was already pointing at.



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                  Mylenium - Short and to the point, this is a community forum and the appropriate place to come for this kind of assistance. Adobe's lack of official support is irrelevant. Furthermore, users with the heart to put themselves on the bleeding edge ultimately help companies like Adobe get the software working on the new OS.

                  The question was asked and answered in the appropriate venue, begging the question: aside from giving your O2 level a momentary boost to instantiate another MVP reply, what was the benefit to another living soul of this completely gratutitous "Tsk, tsk" and wag of your finger?