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    Brigthness and contrast sliders disappears


      Hello ..



      I just downloaded the latest camera RAW plugin for PS CS 5 version Using windows 7 and PS 64 bit.

      But when I open a raw file from Canon 5D MKIII and select the profile 2012 in camera calibration the brightness and contrast sliders disappears.

      Then I am getting an exclamation mark in the right corner of the image with the option to update to current profile 2010, is this right?? If I choose to update to 2010 the brightness and contrast comes back.


      Thank you in advance Lasse

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Correct, PV 2012 has changed the sliders and their function. Contrast is still in PV 2012 but Brightness is not. It's function is now covered by Exposure wich in PV 2012 is a hybred of the old Exposure lus Brightness. However, in ACR 6.7, you can't actually get to the controls of PV 2012. Those will be in ACR 7 that ships with Photoshop CS6 (next week). ACR 6.7 added "rendering" support of PV 2012 for compatibility with Lightroom 4. ACR 6.7will need to be set to PV 2010 to make image adjustments...

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Personally I think it seems to have been kind of a weird decision to include PV2012 in Camera Raw 6.7 - but not let people actually use its controls - just because the LightRoom people couldn't hold their release until Photoshop CS6 (and from what I hear Lightroom) were actually ready for release.