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    Quicktime mov doesn't play




      it used to work but now quicktime movies in my flash content doens't play.

      sometimes it works in safari but not in firefox.


      for example go to


      hit 'enter'

      go to 'page 3'(bottom)

      and in the middle of list there is 'voice of whale'

      and click 'quick time(52meg)' link.


      it opends a window but nothing happens.


      this is the script that is put on the button.


      on(release) {

          getURL("javascript:showQuicktime('movies/voiceofWhale_2.mov','Voice of Whale',420,222);");



      and i put my movie under 'movies' folder and have 'showQuicktime.js' under 'Scripts' folder.

      any idea why it doesn't play quicktime movie?


      thanks for your help in advance.