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    Sometimes type won't obey styles!

    FlashKatt Level 1

      I'm working with type and creating new styles...sometimes I size the type to what I want and then create a new paragraph style. I assume that new style will "know" the attributes of the selected type...which it does, but as soon as I click "OK" the type goes to some microscopic size not what I had it at.


      Starting all over, same problem. Make new style at the size wanted, type will not "obey" its style..in this case a headline style..a big type size.


      How can it even be that a selection of type, having a style assigned to it, can not obey the style controlling it?


      I've been using ID for quite awhile now...this is baffling. thank you for any clues!



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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          In which window do you click "OK" button?


          Also when you select the microscopic size text ad check in the paragraph style panel , is it the same paragraph style you have newly created.


          My workflow in such situation is to select the text , change the size or whatever ,

          Go to the paragraph style panel , and click on the "New paragraph style " button on the bottom right of the panel , which automatically create the new paragraph style with the attribute of the text selected.

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            FlashKatt Level 1

            I click "OK" in the window where you set style attributes. I see the type size, in this case 98 points and in the document in question that is quite a bit larger than my paragraph type style.


            Yes, I am selecting the newly-created style and there is no + sign next to it. In the control bar, the type attributes do not reflect what the style says. The control bar says 10pt! When I re-open the style attributes for the style, it says 98 points.


            total disconnect!


            My workflow sounds pretty much the same as yours: create type the way I want, select New Paragraph Style from the paragraph style panel; the new style is created drawing from the attributes of the selected text...been that way since the early days of Quark..


            Even if I delete the text box and start anew, the problem remains. I've trashed the ID prefs, and still the problem persists...

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              Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

              Is it happening in the new document as well?

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                FlashKatt Level 1

                I am still working with the same document, but trying new textboxes within it.


                One thing I just noticed is that I have a character style which seems to "insist" on influencing newly-created type, which I don't get at all. Sorta like having a paper stuck to your shoe.


                I can't think of a logical reason why, once used, a character style would be invoked for future instance of type.  I am not using "Based on" styles...

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                  Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                  If character style and paragraph style both are appiled on the text then character style will have the lead , that means it override the paragraph style settings.


                  That's why I asked is it happen in the new document as well , to know the issue is application specific or document specfic.


                  You can select the text , go to character style panel , choose "None" and then check , creating the new paragraph style .

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                    FlashKatt Level 1

                    I have checked "none"...I am now thinking that that character style is somehow being applied regardless of what styles I'm selecting...


                    I'm about to work on another document, so will pay close attention to what happens there..

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      If you had a character style selected with no active type selection, that character style became the default for all new type you enter. This is a common error, though mostly with new users. You can remove the default by selecting the [None] character style, but that won't affect already-set type. you'll have to fix that manually.


                      Other possibilities that come to mind are a nested style you forgot about in your paragraph style definition, and scaled text frames when the preference is set to "adjust scale percentages."