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    RH7 Importing Word Doc has problems

      I'm working on upgrading our company's robohelp version from 5 to 7 and have the free 30 day trial of RH7 to test. One thing I've noticed happening in RH7 is that certain text areas get changed from Arial Unicode MS plain to Arial Unicode MS Bold + Indigo, and I have no idea why. The text itself doesn't change, but certain areas appear to be randomly changed to Bold + Indigo and I'm stumped.
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          HKabaker Level 2
          Hi, panhead17,

          Welcome to the forum.

          Are you using RoboHelp for Word? HTML help? WebHelp?

          Importing Word docs from outside? Importing docs from generated Word Help? Importing topics from old RH Word project into a new RH Word project?

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            panhead17 Level 1
            I'm using RoboHelp HTML to import a word document saved in Word 2003 (external *.doc file). From RoboHelp HTML, I do the following:

            1. Click File -> Import... -> Word Document.
            2. Select desired file, click "Open"
            3. At the Import Word Document Wizard screen, I have the following items checked:

            Preserve Heading Styles
            Auto-create styles from inline formatting
            Convert references into hyperlinks.
            Convert Table of Contents
            Convert Index (Add new keywords to Index file (HHK) radio button is selected)

            4. Click "Next" to begin importing the word doc.
            5. At the "Split on Style" window, I check Headings 1-3 and click "Finish"

            Some of the resulting HTML files appear to have had certain areas of text set to Bold and Indigo randomly. I can't figure out why this is happening, so if you have any insight on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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              HKabaker Level 2
              I would de-select the option to auto-create styles from in-line formatting.

              In your point 5, I assume you mean you want the Word doc broken into topics after each Heading style you selected. Otherwise, you should check only the heading that will identify the start of a new topic.

              After that, you need to examine the html code in the imported topics and strip out any MS Office tags, leaving only the ones that you need for html markup.