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    Problem downloading books from recognised sites


      I have suddenly started to have a problem downloading books from Waterstones and Kobo both sites i have used succesfully before. I use windows my computer is authorised the only change is that I have bought a new ereader (kobo wifi) this is authoirised on ADE. The books download to my download folder and open ADE but dont appear in my library. When I double click the file in downloads it opens ADE but again the book does not transfer to my library, I have tried to drag and drop to the library from downloads nothing at all happens. Any ideas?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Check and make sure that the particular KOBO ereader is supported by ADE.

          There's access to the list of supported devices in ADE's Help function.

          Some new devices aren't.


          Also, did you register the ereader with KOBO?



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            The Kobo reader is supported by ADE and I have been able to authorise it with ADE. Yes I have registered with Kobo.


            The books concerned are showing in downloads as ACSM files and wont convert to Epub


            Would it cause problems if I backed up mylibrary to SD card then removed digital editions and reinstalled?

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              This isn't the kind of problem that reinstalling is going to help.  Since

              you've been able to download ebooks before, but can't do it with these

              ebooks, then I'm 'assuming' the issues are with the ebooks themselves.

              I've seen situations like this where the source location has messed up

              their protocol, and/or expect the software you're using to be something

              other than ADE (usually Overdrive), and that will cause the issues.  I'd

              start by contacting the source's technical support function and explain to

              them what's happening.  It could be a quick fix - but it's not something

              that you can fix.