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    New SSD boot drive. Confused about "Incompressible Data Rates"


      Hi everyone,


      My editing machine is a 2011 17" MacBook Pro with the OEM 128GB SSD. I'm getting close to filling this drive and so I was thinking of upgrading to a larger capacity and faster SSD for my boot drive. (All my media storage, caches and whatnot are stored on FW800 drives). I was looking at the OWC Mercury 6G drives. For the price, I'd love to get the 480GB Mercury Electra drive, but I see that it states that the read/write speeds are severely lessened for "Incompressible Data Rates" such as photos and video. The OWC people obviously recommend to me to buy the Extreme. Is it necessary to get the Extreme? I find that even the OEM SSD I use now allows me to run PPro CS5.5 perfectly fine. I'm not editing 4K footage or more than 2-3 camera angles (I primarly do news video production).


      Thank you,