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    Background image wont load in divs or AP divs?


      Hello everyone (again!)


      I've got another Dreamweaver issue which appears to be a bug, not an error on my behalf but I'm probably wrong.

      I cant show you this in a link as it is an issue with Dreamweaver as the software, not with my page.

      With all divs and AP divs I am not able to load a background image. This was working yesterday!!

      Everytime I select an image, use the pointer or even type background:image into CSS in either a div or AP the program deletes the code, the link and then obviously does not load the image!! I even tried it by making an entirely new website in a new directory just to test it elsewhere but, no, it wont work.

      The only background image that works is on Page Properties and that's not very useful.

      Super infuriating as I have a deadline for this website in a few hours and it's just stopped working now.

      I have tried it in AP divs, normal divs and even divs with the liquid default page layout. Nothing's working, even after a system and program restart.

      I cant find anything on Google with it either.

      Thanks again everyone! Me and Dreamweaver aren't best friends just yet.