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    CS6 Install causes COM SURROGATE error when encoding

    The Real Paschar

      I have CS4 Adobe After Effects along with CS5.5 Master - I've attempted to install CS6 trial over top of them, with other suites removed and just After Effects CS6 alone. I restore my system images and have tried several times.


      After install - any attempt to encode using LAGARITH lossless video codec with adobe products or apps like virtualdub results in multiple COM SURROGATE errors continually popping up.


      I would never expect an actual solution from Adobe at this point but thought I'd post this in case others come across it. 


      System is W7x64, Codecs Xvid 32/64, FFDshow, CoreAVC, Lagarith 32/64


      This is absolutely caused by the CS6 Master Trial install and it is not my hardware as evidenced in everything working just fine before the install.


      Sigh, it's always SOMETHING with Adobe, just love having to spend time solving workarounds every single time an update is released.  I'm guessing I'll have to do a complete system reinstall from scratch to get around this as usual.