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    Known Issues in new skins

    adobe-admin Adobe Employee

      Issues reported in the forums that are being worked on:

      1. Not showing count of user messages next to their names in a thread
      2. No "in response to" or item numbers/links in messages in a thread
      3. Status levels are not displaying an image (meatballs, sausages, red bars) or status level name, just saying Community Member
      4. Your Stuff lit link causes user bar items to wrap to a second line
      5. No "show most recent post" link at the top of each thread.(It ssays Latest Reply now)
      6. No "reply to original message" Link
      7. No "go to original post" link at the bottom of the page
      8. No link to last post at the top of the page (same as #5)
      9. Avatars in replies are resampled down and look fuzzy
      10. Concerns about the display font (1 vs l, etc.). Jive's editor uses a different font than the actual message posts.
      11. No navigation links at top of page for threads with multiple pages. If you click into a message that has 2 or 3 (or 100) pages of responses there is no indication that you've been plopped down in the middle of the conversation. This is compounded because the initial message is not differentiated (See #18) and all pages in the thread look alike.
      12. New/Updated threads in a list not as discoverable (still say Updated, though)
      13. Inconsistent placement of the Reply button in different locations between question and non-question threads (Was this Helpful link in the question threads in first position, Reply in first position in non-question threads). Was this helpful slow to load, so buttons move around as you try to click on them.
      14. Advanced Editor not available when replying to posts
      15. Code in messages (via Advanced editor) is very large:
      16. Replies posted by the person who created the thread are no longer highlighted in the thread.
      17. Initial message not styled different from replies. And all replies run together in the seamless gray background (related to #16)
      18. Adobe Employee status doesn't need to be bright orange. But should still be obvious.
      19. Your own posts are no longer styled different from other posts in a thread
      20. Keywords difficult to see (white on gray on gray)
      21. Too much wasted vertical white space on Discussions page (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4383393#4383393)
      22. User Names wrapping under Avatars
      23. The MORE link on the thread list on the Overview page takes you to the Disussions page which makes all the breadcrumb links point to Discussions. It isn't clear how to get back to the Overview page from there (click on the large forum name that doesn't look like a link).
      24. Trademark, Copyright, Registered Trademark symbols unreadable on main forum page
      25. Going back to the list of discussions takes you back to the latest in the list instead of taking you back where you were when you clicked to go into a discussion.
      26. Title of thread not displayed when thread grows to more than one page of messages
      27. If you reply to a message in the middle of a long multipage thread your are taken to the end of the thread instead of staying on the page you were on when replying and it is difficult to go back and pick up again where you were when you posted the reply.



      PLEASE NOTE: You may need to clear your browser cache to see some of the updates/fixes as they are released in the forum.


      The Forums team is planning reqular releases with new enhancements and fixes soon.  Please report additional items and check back soon for updates on release timing and status.

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