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    importing a psd into Director 11.5 ?


      Hi all,


      I am returning to Director after a long break...


      I used to use Director MX2004 with the Photocaster and Alphamania Xtras.


      I'm now using Director 11.5 on a PC.


      I have created an image in Photoshop, on a transparent background.  I'd like to import it into Director.


      I used to do this via Photocaster/Alphamania, however, these have been discontinued and the free trials watermark the image.


      I would have thought, since Adobe now own both Photoshop and Director, that it would be simple to import the file ?  But, despite trying in .psd / .gif / .png it won't show up on my stage ?  The only way I can get it to show up is using the trail version of Alphamanis - but that watermarks it ?


      Can someone please advise me ?


      Many thanks.....