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    Applying video effects in Premiere at the track or media level?




         I am trying to adjust to the Premiere workflow, coming from Vegas, and have a question regarding the application of video effects. Premiere seems to apply effects at the clip level - for example, if there is a cut in the clip, the effect is only applied to a portion of the clip. Vegas allows for the application of effects at the media level - no matter how many cuts have been made - or at the track level. Is there something comparable in Premiere? I have been trying to apply the Neat Video effect, and the only thing I can think of is to select multiple clips when applying it, but it seems to crash Premiere when I do that. Any advice on making this work would be much appreciated.


         On a related topic, does Premiere apply effects in a chain, as they are added, or does it automatically perform an reffect first if it should be applied first? In other words, does it matter in what order the effects are applied, and if so, is there a rough order of how they should be applied?