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    SWF memory question

      I have a question regarding memory used when loading a .swf.
      I have a Director MX application that plays a flash attract loop. When the program loads the flash file the memory usage in Task Manager for Director jumps to around 750,000k.
      When the flash file is not being played it drops to around 10,000k.
      The flash file is 40M, 361 frames long and plays at 30fps. Roughly 12 seconds.
      My PC has 1G of memory and this is the only application running. The flash when playing is choppy and sometimes stops.

      My question is why is the program jumping from 10,000k to 750,000k when a 40M file loads?
      I can add more memory but I would like to know why such a jump for such a small file.
      Is there anything else I can do to decrease memory usage and keep the quality of the attract loop?

      Thanks for your help in advance,