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      Purchased Adobe X pre-Installed on Dell E6420 laptop harddrive (no disk copy of any software provided by Dell at time of purchase). Windos 7 Professional 64 bit operating system crashed, requiring re-installation of all pre-installed software. Need Adobe X software for re-installation.

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          You said you purchased the Adobe X , so do you got the serial number for the Adobe X ?


          As if I know the pre-installed product are OEM version which don't have the sreial number.


          If you have the serial number then you just need the installation media for which we need to know is it Adobe X standard or pro ,and if you dont have the serial number then we will be least bit helpful.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Manish said, if it's an OEM version, it is either on one of the system recovery discs and needs to be installed from there or needs to be downlaoded from Dell.