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    ADE doesn't recognize second eReader

    mily po

      My sister bought a Kobo eReader a few months ago, but due to an old Mac OS on her computer she was having difficulty registering her Kobo.  I downloaded the Kobo software to my computer so she could register.  She registered her Kobo with her username and I set up the ADE on my computer with my own Adobe ID and also copied ADE to her computer.  Because she didn't have the Kobo software set up on her computer, the ADE on her computer (in my name with my ID) wasn't recognizing her eReader when she plugged it in. In order to get things to work, we simply plugged her Kobo into my computer and she could use my computer's ADE to transfer borrowed library books to her Kobo.  Everything worked fine.


      Now I have a Kobo eReader that I would like to authorize to my ADE as well, but even though I've registered my Kobo with my own username (the same as my Adobe ID), which is different from her Kobo registration username, when I plug my Kobo in and open ADE, the Kobo eReader appears as a recognized device, but it is showing the contents that have been copied to her Kobo, not mine.  Instead of recognizing my reader as a different one, ADE seems to 'think' it's her Kobo (I can see the copies of the books that have been copied to her Kobo, but see only the thumbnails and they cannot be opened).  If I try copying books from my ADE library to my new Kobo, which is currently empty, I get a message thata the book I'm trying to copy is already there.  If I choose to make a duplicate I then see the thumbnail twice under the Kobo bookshelf, but when I eject my Kobo, no files have been copied.


      One of the things I've gleaned from this forum is that when we register the devices with Kobo, each device should get some sort of identifying files that are then used when authorizing by ADE.  If this is the case, each of the Kobo eReaders should have unique information identifying them, but is there a way to 'tell' the computer which one is which and to get authorization to use the new Kobo with my Adobe ID?  Any advice for how to get the two readers set up and working with ADE would be appreciated.  I'm not trying to copy purchased books from one eReader to the other (I understand the restrictions in this case), but rather to copy borrowed library books to each Kobo.  The permissions from the library allow the books to be transferred to more than one device.




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          I'm having similiar issues my children have ereader 2 that are under 18 i buy their books they are under my my

          name @ are broken i',m getting message that i have 2 many things witth my adobe id. I buy ebooks from Kindle, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.I feeel like nop one wants to help. Even on chat they moved me from 1 person to another

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            After speaking with someone from Kobo Help Line, we ended up deauthorizing my Kobo eReader (Command + Shift + e) even though it hadn't actually been authorized.  I plugged the Kobo in, opened ADE and the authorization window appeared allowing me to authorize my device.  Oddly enough, my empty Kobo was still showing the thumbnails from books copied to my sister's Kobo, so when I copied the library book from my borrowed bookshelf to my eReader bookshelf I got a pop-up saying the file already existed at that location (even though there wasn't a file there) and asked if I wanted to skip, replace or duplicate the file.  I chose to duplicate the file and it showed up fine in my Kobo.