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    Cross-Server Applications and File Writes

      I'll give a quick summary of what my application does.

      I have an interface built for employees to make changes to a config.dat file of some software we use, they make whatever changes they need through the forms and it re-writes and reloads the file. This software is installed on 12 servers, along with Coldfusion and the .CFM that rewrites the config.dat. We'll call this .CFM "A". I store the server information like the external IP address in a table, so the tool the employees use knows where to POST to for making the changes to the file.

      I also have a seperate .CFM file, we'll call this "B", on each of those 12 servers, which does close to the same thing, but is for developers to POST to for making changes to the file for testing.

      My biggest concern is that someone will be writing to the file with script A while a developer posts to script B to read or write the same config.dat file and it all explodes.

      Can I make script A and B use CFLOCK's on the CFFILE reads and writes using the same name on the locks with type exclusive to prevent such a problem? What's the best way to protect the file integrity?