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    Related to lining adjustment

    luca del carlo Level 1

      When one wishes to vary lining in, for example, an index, where each new entry recieves a tad extra space than the lining within an entry (takeing up several lines), what's a practical way to go about this? Going back to individually increase lining for the start of each entry takes too long .


      Overlooking something here which is probably familiar to me already....


      Thank you.

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          You can apply the paragraph style on the content , and in the Paragraph Style properties add the "Space Before" or "Space After" as per your requirement.

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            luca del carlo Level 1

            I have the content in front of me as a printed book, its original quark file as supplied by the publisher, and a  version I'm replicating in ID.  Going from the original file, I see in quark that all lining is at 11.5 pt. However, as described above, after each index entry, the line space appears widen to set entries apart - but the quark file still indicates lining at 11.5 over all sections.


            I'm unsure how this is done. Is it an aspect of paragraph spacing perhaps?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              What you are calling Lining is usually referred to as "Leading," at least in English. This is a separate attribute from Paragraph Spacing, which is the space between the last line of one paragraph and the first line of the next one. By default that distance is the same as the leading of the second paragraph, but you can increase the spacing by adding either Space After the first paragraph, or Space Before the second paragraph, or both. It's usually best to do this as part of a paragraph style.


              One other thing can also affect paragraph spacing (as well as the apparent leading), and that's the Align to Baseline Grid setting. IF the nect line of text has align to grid enabled and the grid doesn't happen to corresponed to where the baseline will be using the specified leading, the line will be pushed down to the next grid line.

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