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    performance problems



      i have two PC's one i7 6gb dual channel of ram win 7 64 bit that works good

      and i have a


      8 gb quad channel of ram

      9600 gt by nvidia graphic card

      after effects version cs4 (both my PC's have the same version )

      for example my i7 can render a movie in 5 minutes but my q6600 takes about 15 minutes to render the same movie

      i have played a lot with the ram configure but i cant get great performance

      i don't wont to copy the configuration i have in my i7 becuse they aren't the same PC can some on send me the best configuration to put on the slow q6600?

      i now its  not as strong as the i7 but it is still a strong computer and i shouldent have a 10 minute deference

      thanks for all the helpers :


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What are you hoping to do here? You're comparing a 5 year old processor to a contemporary one and in that time the processor efficiency alone has multiplied by 5. On my workstation at the office a single mid-range W3xxx serries Xeon processor is now rendering faster than a few years ago two super expensive W5xxx series Xeons. That's no diffwerent than your scenario. Sorry to shatter your illusions, but everything you see is probably perfectly normal, even more so since your old machine probably also has slower disks that had their share of fragmentation and wear over the years and there may be any other number of differences that you do not even consider important, but influence your result regardless such as programs/ plug-ins on newer processors also using faster code at times.