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    CS6: Installation Damaged on Mac

    jasonvp Level 3

      Greetings -


      I just downloaded and installed PPro 6 on my Mac (Lion 10.7.3).  When I start Premiere, I get a dialog that pops up and says that the installation is damaged and I should reinstall the app.  I've done that, but I continue to get that same dialog:



      It appears Premiere is running OK other than that dialog.  But I'm not 100% sure yet.  Thoughts?  I asked this in the "Installation" section and someone suggested I re-ask it over here.





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          TPJacobs Level 1

          Same problem here on a MacPro with 10.7.3

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            gravy17 Level 1

            same problem here with CS6 on a MacPro with 10.6.8. We have 5 MacPros, all on 10.6.8, but 2 of them are slightly older with the NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT graphics cards and it is these that get the damaged installation warnings. On the Macs with ATA Radeon HD5770 cards the installation is fine.

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              jasonvp Level 3

              I forgot to update this thread (vs the one in the Installation forum).  My 'fix' for this was to format the OS disk and reinstall Lion, unfortunately.  The basic culprit seems to be that Adobe's software installations from various packages (Photoshop, Premiere, AIR, the download manager, etc, etc) spew files all over the OS's system and library directories.  And unfortunately, even the various remover tools can't or don't find all of the files Adobe leaves in place, so problems like the above happen.


              The cleansing power of fire helps, unfortunately.