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      I am in the midst of making a website where the customer will have the options to choose the type of membership package that suit their needs. Example: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The members will have a personal profile with an avatar, a portfolio/images, bio, Google map and video. Video will apply to the Gold membership etc. My question, is this possible with B.C.? I want to be able to have visitors visit their portfolio, click on their images and play their video. Also, if this is possible, how can I apply this where each level membership will have different packages, and how do I control the limit of what the members can upload to their portfolio based on the membership?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi, this is definitely possible in BC, you just have to combine the right bits in the right way! lol...


          There are a number of rules and limitations that you need to consider carefully when planning a project like this.


          I suggest webapps, for each type of membership. One webapp could handle all of the memberships, but there is only one upload form per webapp, and you want members to access certain fields for uploads, so you will require 3 upload forms, therefore 3 webapps.


          You could consider webforms, but I don't think you will get the Google map functionality.


          If you want Google maps, you will need to enable the address search when creating the web apps, then you can show their address in the webapp display. However, last time I created a webapp with a google map display, it used the description field in the webapp item, so you may have to create another description field for the bio section. There may be more functionality now with google maps and webapps. You will need to check that.


          You will need to decide whether members entries have to be approved before they go live.


          If you create 3 webapps, you will need to consider how the search is going to work, as there is search on each webapp, and you will have to work out how you can combine searches. I don't know about that one. You can create webapps that have fields that are data sources for another webapp, so maybe you can combine all three webapps into one. I have read that you can do this, but I have not tried it.


          If you want to allow members to edit their webapp items, you should set up 3 secure zones and the members can then log in and view and, if you want, edit their entries.


          Another consideration is, if you are going to sell access to the secure zones, where members can access and upload data, or sell access to the webapps themselves. Both have to be considered, and in the light of what payment gateways are supported and what payment gateways you plan to use. If you have the correct payment gateway, you can charge their credit cards on the web form you create to allow them access to the secure zone, where the webapp is, for their upload.


          Anyway, these are some of things you need to think about when planning a project like this in BC. I suggest you do careful planning so that you are not tripped up by limitations in upload to webapps, use of google maps and payment gateways.

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            Thanks for the reply Mary. A lot to take in, but I understand exactly what you're talking about. I think that one of things that I need to figure out is, getting the member's layout to look like the way that I want it and the B.C. code working with it where it'll generate this style automatically per member. I'll post an example. Also, I understand what you're saying regarding the multiple apps point. I guess an example or similar one is where Facebook has both a video upload and a image upload for the members. I'll post an example and tell me if this is possible with this layout. My layout will be similar for this particular type of member profile. Thanks in advance.


            memberprofile example.jpg

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              Hi Legacy7,


              I am replying by email, as I can't find the little login line for the

              forums today. Maybe they are doing maintenance and it will come back

              soon. I will post this reply to the forums as well when I get back in.


              As far as the layout you want goes, yes you can customise it up how you

              want for a webapp.


              With a webapp, you plan the data fields and set up the web app first.

              This is a bit of work, and needs to be scoped carefully.

              Decisions to make:

              1. If customers are to submit and edit, tick yes. You will then need to

              set up secure zones, and insert modules on pages in those secure zones

              to allow them to do this.

              2. Are you taking payment per submission to the database? If so tick

              yes, and credit card payment fields will appear on the customer input

              form (see below). You need a certain kind of payment gateway to allow

              credit card payment. Check that you have it first. Otherwise you will

              need to set up some other payment option, if you are say, using paypal.

              Maybe a product that people pay for and then you manually add them to

              the web app secure zone so they can add their listing.

              3. Google maps, you need to investigate that further as I said. It may

              still use the description field, so that may not be available.

              4. Keep in mind for web app searches that the keyword search field only

              look at two fields, Item Name and Item Description. You have to add

              other fields to the search form if you want them searched on as well.

              5. Can customers add, edit, delete their entries? If yes you need to set

              up a secure zone and pages for them to do that.

              6. Keep in mind that you can also do a mass import of web app items if

              you don't want to launch a site with no data. File needs to be csv, and

              BC doesn't like a lot of characters and the import can fail. It is a bit

              of a mission importing into a webapp and requires a lot of data cleansing.


              So, you have created your web app and fields.

              Now have four layouts that you can customise up for the interaction of

              the customer with the webapp. These are accessed via web apps and layouts.


              You must have your web app fields finalised before customising up the

              following layouts, otherwise there will be a lot of redoing work on the



              1. List view - usually a line summarising their listing, that will show

              when you search on the keywords fields in a webapp. This can show all

              fields in the web app if you want, you just have to customise it up. If

              you want your customers to be able to edit their listing remember to

              insert the edit tag here. It will only show up if a customer is logged

              in to the secure zone you set up for the customer uploads and edits.

              2. Detail view - the full listing for the web app item, and you can

              customise it to display any way you want, with CSS etc, and usually you

              show all fields in the web app. It generates a page on the fly for the

              full listing.

              3. Edit view - this is the page that the user will see when they edit

              their listing, all fields are available to edit and resubmit. In your

              overall setup of the webapp, you need to decide whether these edits go

              live straight away, or need administrator approval in the back end of

              the site. (the administrator will get a workflow email in this case) One

              thing you need to remember here, is that if you have 3 webapps, there is

              only one system email to cover the submission of a new or edited webapp

              item, so the email will need to be generic. So I don't recommend setting

              up 3 webapps, and have one requiring adminstrator approval and one not.

              This is one of the choke points in the web app functionality.

              4. 2nd Detail view - here you can set up an alternate display for a web

              app item, if you need to have a different way of showing it.


              You can insert the List view on a page by going to modules, web apps and

              then inserting Display List of Web App items submitted by a customer

              (must be logged in). So you will insert this on the landing page for the

              secure zone for the customer, so they can log in, view their entry and

              then click on it to edit it.


              I am sure you are wondering about the upload form for the customer to

              submit to the web app. This can be found in the module Web Apps Input

              Form for Customers. You will need to insert that on a page in your

              secure zone and then customise that up as well, on the webpage you have

              inserted in on.


              Also in the modules you can insert web app search form and results.

              There is a little bit of code you need to find to display the results

              with the second Detail view, or on another page etc.


              Also Google maps and display of web app items is available in the

              modules section, and you can explore that too.


              So, there are a lot of options with web apps, with a few choke points

              here and there, that I think I have mentioned.


              Keep in mind with webapps that the notification emails and system

              messages are few, and apply to every web app on your site, so you need

              to keep them generic. Same with secure zones.


              Good luck!




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