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    Find/Change and Cross-reference

    shmuel67 Level 1

      Thanks you for asking for feature requests.


      Here are the features that I would like:


      • In the Find/Change dialog box: I would like a drop-down list with that last 5-10 things that I searched for. Many text editors have this, and it's a great time saver.


      • In the Find/Change dialog box: I would like the search text to be highlighted when I press CTRL+F, so that instead of having to click in the text box, erase the previous text and type new text, I could simply press CTRL+F, type the text and press ENTER. The Find/Change dialog box is very frequently used when authoring and editing documents and this would greatly increase the speed at which one could edit Frame docs. (The fact the focus within the Find/Change dialog box is not predictable is very frustrating. Even if the search text would not be highlighted as I suggested, it would be nice if the focus would be in the search text box.)


      • In the Cross-reference dialog box: When I select a paragraph tag, I would like the list of paragraphs to be in some order. It seems that they are supposed to be in the order that they appear in the document, but it's not consistent. If it's too hard to automatically keep them them in order, I would like a button that I could click to reorder them, even if I would have to wait for the reordering process to take place. It would be even better if I could choose to order the list by the order of their appearance in the doc or in alphabetical order.