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    Text creation

    missing person1

      There is already text on the document, is there a way to replicate that text with photoshop touch?

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Do you want to actually use this text as your own or do you simply want a copy of that text?


          If the latter, try tapping and holding the active tool on the leftmost toolbar > swipe down to the Clone Stamp tool. Tap the "Source" option, tap roughly where the text is, then begin cloning it by painting in.

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            David__B Adobe Employee

            If the text is already part of the image and you wanted to isolate it in order to be able to move it independently within the image, it would require making a selection of just the text portion after which you could copy and paste that into its own layer. How easy this would be depends on how easy it is to just select the text from within the image. Even after selecting the text and getting it on its own layer the original text would still be there so you might have to cover it. All in all, its possible, but sounds like it might be a lot of work/editing.