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    Flash CS3 - bug in mask layer ?

    Level 7

      I have created mask layer with single MC cosisting of couple of instaces of
      another MC. This is a set of growing squares. The problem is that only first
      instance gives mask effect. Rest of instances are not used to. Does anybody
      knows what is wrong and how to workaround this (most likely) bug ? I would
      like to avoid creating one masking MC consisting of e.g. 100 layers - with
      teened growing sqare on each layer but in different position. Wiser is just
      to create one MC consisting of many instances of another single MC.

      Second example describing issue.
      Mask layer contains shape tween which consist of 3 keyframes. Masked layer
      contains single keyframe at first frame with one MC. This MC restarts when
      middle keyframe in the mask is played. It seems that masked MC (on different
      layer obviously) is recreated when playhead meets keyframe in mask layer in
      tweened shape. In the same moment our MC stopped beeing visible for AS3
      under given name as well.

      It seems that if mask layer contains more complex animation then basic shape
      move/scale then masking stops working properly. Is it bug in Flash palaer or
      am I doing mistake?