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    NEED HELP! - Installing Camera raw presets from USB Stick

    Steve Gauld Level 1

      NEED HELP! -installing Camera raw presets from USB Stick.

      I am attempting to install the Camera Raw Presets. 

      It says to put them into User Name/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings... 

      When I get to CameraRaw the ONLY folders in there are CameraProfiles & Lens Profiles. 

      I have searched everywhere looking for a CameraRaw-Settings folder and cannot find one. 

      I have latest version of CameraRaw installed and still no settings folder. 

      I even attempted to find it by looking in camera raw where it has saved the custom settings I made as presets and it shows that they are saved but will not show me where. 

      I am using CS5 specifically Photoshop v12.0.4 and Bridge. I have Lightroom 4. I have iMac OS  10.7.3

      Do I need to reinstall Camera Raw and how do you do that?


      Will I then lose my presets that I made in CameraRaw?  


      Thanks for your help