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    Apple & Olympus E-M5 DNGs


      I've asked this on other forums without luck. Has anyone been able to use Adobe DNG Converter 6.7 to create DNGs from their Olympus EM-5 that work on Mac OS 10.7? For some reason, DNGs created from the sample ORFs on dpreview work just fine, but it doesn't recognize DNGs created from the ORFs from my camera.



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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          What do you mean by "work on Mac OS 10.7"?  In what way do the DNGs "not work"?


          If you mean thumbnailing, seeing the icon/preview in the Finder, Preview, or other OS-related software, then that's OS specific.  Generally you'd need to wait for an update from Apple for the new models.  (Thumbnails and previews are indeed embedded in the DNG, but usually the OS doesn't use those.)

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            Stubb Level 1

            This is largely OBE given Apple's recent raw update v3.13.


            Apple did not support the raw files from my Olympus E-3 and Nikon D700 when I first got them. However, I was able to run the raw files through Adobe DNG Converter, import them into Aperture, and go about my business. No such luck with my Olympus E-M5—Aperture said that the DNGs were an unsupported file type.


            Turns out the Adobe DNG Converter generally creates linear DNGs from m4/3 raw files, which Aperture does not support.