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    core i5 laptop for on-the-go editing?


      My editing system at work is fine but I'd like to use my personal laptop when I'm on vacation or at home to make short videos and things. Here are the current specs.


      core i5 2.53 ghz (first generation)

      4 gb DDR3 ram 10666

      500gb 5400rpm hard drive

      ati 5650 with 1gb deditcated


      I would be editing the 1080p h.264 video from a canon 60d. I will do collor correction using premieres build in plugins, and maybe ad some titles, transitions, and music. right now I think I did a 1 minute color correction comparison video (used curves, gamma correction, overlayed old footage with no correction, used a crop to make it half and half, and added a before/after title) the final render took about 10 minutes.


      I know why it's so slow. It's a laptop that just meets the recommended specs for the creative suite and I have all sorts of other stuff on it. I would like to know if I change a few things if it would help with render and work time.



      - First, how about a jump to 8gb of ram?

      - then, a 7200 rpm hard drive

      - And last, converting the 1080p h.264 footage to something easier to work with like 720p mpegII footage or another down-res'ed format? These videos will likely end up on YouTube and I'll probably watch them on my HD TV through my PS3. I won't be sad if the picture isn't tack sharp on a 55" screen.


      If there is anything else I can do to quicken render time that I am missing i'd like to know that too!



      *Please do not suggest getting another laptop or system to edit on, this is what I have and I can't run out and buy a $3k laptop to work on personal projects. I just want to know if these changes will make a big improvement on how quickly the computer handles the work.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As well as 8Gig, having a SECOND drive at 7200rpm will help a lot... eSata if you can't install an internal drive


          Some ideas for a Laptop Video Editing PC from past discussions





          For effective HD video editing, a laptop with the following

          -at least the Intel sandy bridge 2720 or 2820 quad processor

          -and nvidia graphics preferably the 460m, 485m is a bit much

          -1280x900 display with OpenGL 2.0-compatible graphics card

          -and 8 or 16 gig ram and Win7 64bit Pro

          -and 2 internal 7200 HDDs minimum

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            ptl-2010 Level 1

            I think I have a 2nd space for a HD in my laptop, so that's a posibility. I've got a 7200 rpm HD in another laptop that I'm going to swap with what I have, I just need to grab the 8gb upgrade and another 7200rpm drive. Thanks for the info on the mobile worksations, I'll keep those in mind for work if we ever decide to invest in one.


            My next big purchase is a 60d for my own photography stuff, which my computer can handle just fine. After that I'm getting a desktop for video editing. I never plan to do anything major on my laptop as I have a desktop at work that I can use if I need it, I just wanted to figure out what I could do to make the laptop I have work a little quicker with my footage either with hardware or converting the footage to another format/size to make it easier to digest.