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    Highpoint rocketraid 4310 results?

    grandpooba2 Level 1

      I just finished our weekend build and used a program to give me a rough idea of where the raid drives sit as far as speed. I am getting write speed of 182 and a read of 390. This free prog was called parkdale speed test. Simple tester but seems to have alot of choices to test. My question is are these decent speeds for a raid 3?


      Now here is the setup.


      Raid 3 on the highpoint:


      2x1tb seagate 32mb cache

      2X 500 seagate 32mb cache


      I know we are wasting drive space here.


      I am thinking that this might not be the best scenario but I cannot jump into any more drives right now due to business budget


      I am starting to lean towards the raid 0 and use the other two drives for backups and what not.


      Ideas ?




      I just setup a simple raid 0 and my results looked much more even.

      4000mbyt file


      write 333

      read 361.6



      That sounds a bit better on the write times. I don't know where I would have lost the extra write speed on the Raid 3. Another question.

      Sorry guys. Any takers?