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    Indesign automatically creating incorrect email link and can't stop it.


      InDesign is automatically creating a link to an email when I make a PDF. When you click on the link on the PDF.. it populates the "to" section of the email program with more than the email address. (The title of the flyer, the first sentence, and the rest of the footer information is included)


      It happens if I copy the text into another program and delete the old text box and create a new text box and paste it in. It also happens if I bring that text into another document and then create a PDF from that one.


      "Include hyperlinks" is unchecked in Export PDF window.

      Using Windows and InDesign CS5


      The footer information contains:

      company title • web address • info@companyname.com


      If I take the @ symbol out of that text box and have it in another text box and place it over the rest of the text.. that sometimes fixes it. But if I then try to reuse that footer and copy it into another document.. it no longer works.


      Hopefully someone can help I feel like InDesign is almost possessed and creating links when I don't want it to.