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    Videos must be re-rendered every time project is reopened


      I have just installed Adobe Premiere in a media class on about 30 workstations, and we have run in to a problem on each of them.  I'm hoping you may be able to help me.  Thank you in advance for any advice you may be able to provide!


      Steps to reproduce problem
      1. Create new project
      2. Get Media - IMAG0043.AVI
      3. Drag IMAG0043.AVI to timeline
      4. Started rendering the clip.  Render Details says the clip is rendered as 7b53c88e... (the window isn't wide enough to print the full name)
      5. Allow the rendering to complete.  The timeline shows a green line.
      6. Save the project
      7. Close the project
      8. Open the project
      9. The timeline shows a red line.  Playback is jerky as you'd expect from an unrendered clip.
      10. If I Hit enter, it will render it again - this time with a different (apparently randomly generated) filename.
      11. Repeat Steps 6-10 until hair falls out.
      • The status bar at the bottom of the Window says "Loaded C:\Documents and Settings\sne\sne's Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements\10.0\Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files\Test2.PRV\Rendered - 7b53c88e-bfd8-448...
      • If I Manually browse to that folder, I see a file called "Rendered - 7b53c88e-bfd8-448c-8246-ed4ee5553efd.avi".  That file plays just fine.
      Settings under Preferences, Scratch Disks are:
      • Captured Video: Same as Project
      • Captured Audio: Same as Project
      • Video Previews: Same as Project
      • Audio Previews: Same as Project
      • Media Cache: Custom (C:\PEScratch10)
      • Disc Encoding: Same as Project
      Computer Specs:
      • Core2 Duo CPU 3GHz
      • 2GB RAM
      • ATI Radeon HD 4550 video card w/512MB memory, core clock @ 600MHz, Memory clock @ 800MHz