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    CS6 - old new problems

    MarioMari Level 1

      CS6 Illustartor brings some interesting tools for years andanticipated amendments such as the "select an object by clicking the button below ctrl."


      But the basic idea: click, click, click and look, look, look - still has not changed...


      Do not listen to people who write to you for years.

      Please do not explain that to write a function to select objects behind another requires five years of work?!


      The year is 2012 and number of tools has grown, in illustartor projeket is becoming more sophisticated and technique of work of the 90s : (





      Esteemed Adobe did not even want to allow editing an object name from the "Control bar" or pallet apperance?



      Not to mention how to quickly find and select objects by their names like in PhotoShop.



      Masked objects still set to invisible masked edge.

      Still lack the ability to easily and quickly copy between objects of individual features of apperance etc etc. .. ;(


      CS 6 and none of the problems described here has not been changed.



      If Adobe thinks that there is no competition it may be surprised. I have had enough! I'm frustrated.