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    Scrollpane text  mc - actionscript

      I'm having trouble scrolling. When I scroll my mc it the text turn invisible 1/2 way down.
      The mc is 2783 pixels in height. I do not see why it should be limited if code is set to 100.

      Can anyone please help me?

      [CODE]// Yes, this is a constant loop...
      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

      // What's the maximum scroll value based on the content height?
      scrollMax = int(this._parent.content._height - this._parent.maskclip._height);

      // This is the draggable button used to scroll the content clip.
      // Here we set it's height based on the height of the content.
      this._parent.scrollDragButton._yscale = int((this._parent.scrollTrack._height / this._parent.content._height) * 100);

      // Grab the current position of the draggable button.
      position = this._parent.scrollDragButton._y;

      // Set the scroll percentage value based on the current position
      // of the draggable button and the height of the track and button.
      percentage = ((position-this._parent.scrollTrack._Y) / (this._parent.scrollTrack._height - this._parent.scrollDragButton._height)) * 100;

      // Set the percentage for the content clip to be moved to.
      movePercentage = -(int((percentage * this.scrollMax) / 100));

      // Move the content clip.
      this._parent.content._y = int(movePercentage);

      // Just for effect... Can be removed without issue.
      this._parent.scrollTrackButtons._alpha = percentage;

      // Check to see if the scroller is needed...
      if(this._parent.maskClip._height > this._parent.content._height){