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    Contact info for free/complimentary CS6 upgrade...

    pf22 Level 2

      Hi... for all of you who purchased/upgraded to CS5/5.5 during Adobe's Grace Period, and wish to get your hands on your free/complimentary upgrade to CS6, please call 800.833.6687, or visit www.adobe.com/go/pa


      Good luck! (They're gonna be swamped for a while!)


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          Was DYP Level 3

          Looks like we may have to wait until May 25 to be able to download what we ordered.


          As I can only find the Master Collection Triall available to download and I ordered the Desgin Premium Collection. If I install the Master Collection Trial will I be able to use the serial number for the Desgin Premium Collection once Adobe sends me the info/coupon code when ever they get around to it?

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            gprobst Level 2

            According to Adobe support, an email with the coupon code will be sent out approximately ten days after CS6 begins to ship (which was May 7). I don't think you want to install the Master Collection Trial, as you'll likely have to uninstall it, and do a reinstall of CS6 Design & Web Premium (looks like they merged Design Premium and Web Premium with CS6).


            Once you get the coupon code, you'll go to the Adobe site to "purchase" your upgrade, but the price will read $0. You'll still be prompted to enter credit card info, but you won't actually be billed anything.