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    Photoshop CS3 not responsive due to printer?


      First of all I am aware that this is a known issue, and I have done all of the steps that are reccommended for resolving it; but I am unsatisfied with how that "fixes" the problem!


      I have run CS3 for many years on many platforms with two different printers. I upgraded my computer and operating system (basic specs listed below) in January of this year, 2012, and I decided to pare down to one printer: my Epson Stylus Photo R2880, which has been working with it splendidly until this past Friday, 5/4/12. I suddenly started getting the not responding issue when I attempted to open files in not just photoshop, but my Acrobat as well. I have not updated any drivers in the month of May and I could still use all of my non-adobe software just fine. I looked online and found that it was a known issue. I reset my preferences, I ran a windows defragment, I swept for spyware, and none of those worked. I set adobe pdf as the default printer for my computer and the "issue was resolved."

      The problem remains that when I go into my print dialouge and manually change the target printer to my Epson I cannot print out of any of my Adobe software the not responding issue reasserts itself if any adobe software attempts to communicate with my printer: word, text files, windows viewer and the internet still print just fine off of the Epson. This is a huge problem for me because I run a small home publishing company and I can no longer PRINT out of my work software. Extremely frustrated that this 'fix' is no fix at all for my needs. I am at an utter loss for what to do to have a working office again and would like help or advice on getting software that has been working perfectly in multiple set ups with multiple printers for since 2009 to work again?


      I used to run CS3 on a custum built XP SP3 system with an hp printer, then with and hp and epson printer. This year I switched to my current system, wiping the old drive as a backup disk and adding a 1T harddrive to hold win 7. It has worked fine for several months of heavy use for my website, greeting cards, and small comic publications. I need this set up to work again or I will go out of business, please help.


      System Specs:

      Windows 7 Professional service pack 1

      Intel Core 1.7-2600K CPU @ 3.4Ghz/3/7Ghz

      16 GB memory

      64 bit

      Pen Input Activated (wacom intuos 3)

      "Windows Experience Index" rating claims it's '5.9' - whatever that means

      Nvidia GeForce GTx560 graphics card

      Basic mother board sound handling


      Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse

      Epson printer

      Mustek A3 scanner

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          Yes, an unresponsive printer driver could hang the application.

          In more recent versions of Photoshop, we've tried to minimize that (by initializing printer APIs only when you go to print).


          So something has gone wrong with your printer driver, or the communication with the printer -- so you need to check the connections, check for driver updates, and make sure that the printer is working correctly overall.  If the printer is on a network, then you probably want to select a local printer as the default to avoid the network time to communicate with the remote printer and possible timeouts.

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            FyireChilde Level 1

            The printer is wired directly into the back of the computer, and as far as I can tell I am running the latest driver from a few months ago when I had to troubleshoot rolled canvas printing on the sucker. The printer itself works fine accoding to my system and is printing things with any other software but the ones in the creative suite.

            Do you recommend reinstalling the printer? I have no idea why nothing but this issue would indicate a problem.


            Edit: I guess my next question should really be "Do you have any specific steps for what I should be doing next?" I sort of ran out of ideas after my initial trouble shooting search.


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              If more than one app isn't printing to it - then something is wrong with the driver. (The suite apps don't share printing code)


              Reinstaling the printer driver might help - but we don't know exactly what is wrong with the driver, it could be bad prefs for the driver, or a system setting outside of the driver.  In the past, we've even seen system security updates break some drivers (because the driver was doing something they shouldn't have been).

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                Uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, cleaned out all associated files, still not working after a clean hardware install. What preferences do you recommend I try changing?


                Edit: Sat on phone for about 2 hours, was on hold while typing this origianl post, completely mystifying the epson support staff. They say they are escilating my issue to a more advanced technical staff, but they have no answer to why nothing is resolving this issue. I'm starting to think it's just straight up haunted, any better suggestions? Other less advisable tricks to try?


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                  Update: This problem reached support escalation level two over at epson, was told by a support staff member at their US headquarters that they see this problem in about 5% of mac computers operating Snow Leopard or Lion, and I am now one of seven or eight documented Win7 users to report it. They think that the problem comes from something in the driver corrupting a now unsupported Adobe script. Their answer is to have me back up all my files, unistall both the adobe suite and the printer, restart, then install the Epson printer first, restart, then install CS3 again. It is vital to uninstall all of the creative suite since there is no way to tell which file the print driver has issues with.


                  I was urged to call back if this did not fix the issue, but they have seen positive (if temporary) response to this fix. The support technician I spoke with knows most of those experiencing this problem were able to limp their software along for a couple of months before it corrupted each other again. I don't have the time to babysit a complete reinstall this weekend, so I will let you know how it worked sometime in the following week.