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    help to transfer to SD card


      I am using Aluratek ereader. When Itry to transfer a book from Digital editions to the sd card It tells me I am not autorized. it transfers fine to the internal memory. What can I do?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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            There are a couple of possibilities.  I'm going to make an assumption that,

            when you say you've tried to transfer an ebook to an SD card, you're asking

            Digital Editions to do that.  If this is the case, ADE does not support SD

            cards as a 'transfer device': it's not a supported ereader.  You'd have to

            use your computer's utility programs to copy the ebook to the SD card from

            the ADE library.


            The other possibility is that the ebook has digital rights that do not

            permit the ebook to be copied.  You can check them by looking at the

            ebook's Item Info.  You get there from ADE's Library view by clicking on

            the small arrow next to the ebook title.  A drop-down box will appear, and

            you can select 'Item Info' from the list in the box.  The digital rights

            assigned by the publisher or distributor will indicate whether you can copy

            the ebook or not.


            Hope this helps!