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    "successful" installation not successful


      The past few days, I have been unable to view YouTubes or anything else where you click on an arrow to watch.  This occurs in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.  YouTube via Firefox will state: "An error occurred. Please try later"; YouTube via Explorer tells me to download the latest Flash Player.  On non-YouTube sites, I usually just get a black space where the arrow had been. 


      When I go through the process of installing the latest version of Flash Player, everything seems to be going well and Adobe tells me that the installation was successful; however, I still have the same problem.


      If I go through Adobe to try to uninstall earlier versions of Flash Player, it is supposed to either tell me the version I have or give me an error message, but all I get is a blank space.


      If I go through the Control Panel "uninstall" in Windows Vista, only the Adobe Flash Player 11 Plugin that I just installed will be listed and its "size" is blank. 


      If I go to Windows Explorer, I can find various "Flash Player" folders:

      (1) one AppData\Roaming\Adobe folder (6/14/2012)

      (2) three different AppData\Roaming\Macromedia folders (2007, 2009, 2010)

      (3) one AppData\Local\Macromedia (6/16/2012 - this one is empty)

      (4) Program Files, but the only contents are the subfolder "AddIns", the sub-subfolder airappinstaller, airappinstaller.exe (modified 6/26/2010; size 53 kb) and digest.s (modified 6/26/2010).


      I can't find the AFP 11 Plugin that the Control Panel says I have.


      Norton has Flash Player 11.3. "allow".