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    Flash Player Update Virus?


      My apologies if this has been discussed before, but I could not find an exact match.


      Not exactly sure how it happened, but my "FlashPlayerUpdateService"  was installed in  Windows/System32/Macomed/Flash folder and harbored a nasty virus that put files in prefetch and executables (Oie7ij01.exe) in the scheduled tasks list that kept respawning, also put entries in the Registy "Run" key and effectively shut down my computer. Took me a day to find the root cause and have not seen this mentioned on any virus sites.


      I figured out it was respawning every hour, so I took a look at the scheduled tasks. Once I paused them, the spawning stopped. I disabled the Flash Player Update and restarted the other scheduled tasks and all seemed OK all day. Still thought there were other remenants around, so I decided it was time for my "once very 2 years" rebuild.


      Below is a picture of the Flash directory before I wiped the machine. The files with an ".eee" extension were originally .exe executables. The 3 files with a similar name look suspicious. I still have this directory saved to an off-line drive if someone wants to take a close look.